Monday, August 31, 2009

Beauty and the Brat

I don't think it's hard to figure out who I'm talking about when I say beauty and the brat!
I had a very busy Saturday! First, Bay and I had the honor of joining Liz and Sydney at Sweet and Sassy to celebrate Sydney's 7th birthday. The girls were treated to up-dos, manicures, makeup, some bling, tons of glitter and a walk down the runway. I got the chance to sit and talk to Liz for a few minutes which is something I never get enough time to do! Bay and I totally enjoyed our very girly morning with these two awesome ladies!

Saturday afternoon the fam all piled into my house for yet another birthday party. This one was in honor of one of my favorite people. My baby sister, Bre. She also happens to be my favorite person to aggravate and pick on. :) I got lots of pics that I'm sure she will be so happy about me posting! :) We had a fun, loud, crazy, messy, yummy food and kid-filled night! Happy Birthday Nerd!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gotta love em!

I have not been a very good blogger lately, but while I try to get caught up I thought I would post these videos for your entertainment.
The first one is of my friend Liz. She invited Bailey and I for some very girly fun at Sweet and Sassy in honor of her step-daughter, Sydney. After the girls got all dolled up they were supposed to walk the catwalk. They weren't quite feeling it so Liz got up there to demonstrate how it should be done. (I'll post more about our morning later.)

Later that afternoon, we had Bre's bday dinner at our house. This video is of Bre demonstrating the Pepto Bismol commercial. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Meet the Teachers

It's so hard for me to believe but both of my babies are starting preschool next week. They will go two days a week from 9:30-3:00. Originally, I only planned for Luke to go, but when we went to tour the school Presley fell in love with it and begged us to go!
This past Thursday we had the chance to go in and meet their teachers. I walked Bay to school and when I got back both kids were ready to go, backpacks and all! We didn't have to leave for another 40 minutes but they couldn't wait! We got there and they spent about an hour in their class, meeting the teacher, checking out all of the stations, finding their spots at the table and their cubbies and each of their teachers read them a story. Bryan and I kept switching rooms so we could each see them both in their classes. Luke talked his teacher's ear off, of course. Presley was a busy bee going from one thing to the next. They had so much fun! Presley actually got mad at me when it was time to go! I just hope they still feel this way when they have to stay all day! Now...what to do with two whole days a week on my own??!!

Luke & his Transformer backpack.

Presley and her Tinkerbell backpack.

Off the go! They didn't even wait for me!!

Luke and his teachers.
Presley and her teacher.
Luke playing in his class.
Presley showing off her shoes. That's my girl!
Luke showing me his name tag.

Sass playing on the computer. She loved it!!

Presley and Luke stopped in to visit Ella in her class. It is right in between their class. :)

They did so well that afterwards we took them to Oh Susanna's. We let them pick out whatever donut they wanted. Presley got "pink" of course! And Luke got white icing with sprinkles. Yummy!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yancey Family Reunion

My Mamaw Faye passed away the year Bryan and I got married. She was such an awesome lady! She was a great cook, she could grow anything in her garden. She loved doing crafts and fishing. She was also hilarious! She loved her family and spent all of her time taking care of them. Since she's been gone, we really haven't gotten the whole family together. Luckily we put an end to that last weekend with the Yancey Family Reunion. (Her maiden name was Yancey.)
It was such a hot day, but so great to see everyone. Bry somehow got talked in to grilling everyone's food for them so I spent most of the day trying to keep up with the kiddos. I'm pretty sure the highlight of the day was when Bubba looked up and said "Hey, look at that!" Bre and I looked over and out of the trees comes a huge goat. He just trotted right up to us! The boys took one look at him and ran for the hills! Presley on the other hand was smitten as she is with most animals. We could not stop laughing at the absurdity of it! Like, who does this happen to? A goat just walks up out of nowhere?! Really?
Another funny thing was when Bre and Bailey decided to declare war on Dad with a water fight. They got him pretty good. Dad and Peyton ended up getting me even though I was just standing there minding my own business! There will be payback! Dad, his sister Lisa, and his brothers, Chris and Mike.
Bry at the grill. It's his own fault for being such a good cook. :)
Bubba and Seth after cooling off in the pool.

Bailey and Cameron
Sweet Lily sleeping the day away. Jo tried to stay inside as much as she could. It was way too hot outside for this little one. (Check out her foot. She hangs out in a little pouch Jo carries around. It is the sweetest thing!)
Austin, Luke, Brandon and Presley playing in the sandbox.
Bailey holding the frog Austin caught.
Ella taking her turn with the frog. I love her sweet face in this picture!
If I titled my pictures this one would be "The Bullfighter". Carson looks like he is ready to take on the goat! :)
Presley with her arms out trying to get a hug from the goat.
After the initial shock of seeing the goat, the boys went back to playing in the sandbox. A few minutes later the goat decided to join them. When they looked up and saw him, they took off again! If you listen, you'll hear Presley in the background singing "na na na na boo boo" and taunting the goat. He comes over and shocks us both by giving her a little headbutt in the tummy! A little scary at the time, but hilarious now...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Lot of Changes

When Bryan lost his job we knew that a lot of things were going to change. One of the major things was that we weren't going to be able to afford Bailey's tuition anymore. This was so devastating to me. I changed schools 9 times from 1st grade through 9th. It was extremely hard on me and so I swore that I would do my best to keep that from happening with my kids. The other thing that was important to me was that Bailey could attend a school where she would learn about God and be surrounded by teachers and classmates who loved the Lord. We had some money saved up so that we could probably have sent her this year but we really needed to pay off bills with that. So, I decided to talk to Bailey about it and pray about it and then Bry and I would decide what to do.
I asked her a few weeks before school started how she would feel about going to Tara Oaks. At first she teared up, which almost had me panicking. We talked about it for a while, about how she would be able to walk to school, make friends in the neighborhood, etc. Before the talk was over she was begging me to go there! I was completely shocked and so relieved.
We've had a couple of tough moments since then. She misses the prayer time at ECS, the bible classes, her friends and the familiarity. She hates being the new girl. But overall, she has handled it SO well! She is such a little trooper. I can't explain how proud I am of her attitude and her courage.
One of the major perks for her has been the dress code. She is able to wear regular clothes, jewelry and fingernail polish! It has really opened my eyes to how much my little girl has grown up and I'm not sure if I'm ready for that! She is just too beautiful . I keep saying that I dread the day when the boys her age realize the girls don't have cooties!
I took pics of her first few days and I had to add one from this time last year. Boy, what a difference a year (and a new school) makes!!
Bay on her first day of school last year. On her first day of school this year.
At her desk. So beautiful!
The whole fam went to pick her up the first day. She loves walking to and from school. Especially when it's just me and her.
She has to tuck her shirt in if it isn't a baby doll or one of these with the bands around the bottom. She made sure everything she bought wouldn't have to be tucked in. :)
She found out she could wear tank tops if she wore a sweater or something over them. She is finding all of the loopholes in the dress code! :)
She calls this her "nerdy" outfit. She loves it though.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Super Daddy (Uncle)

The title of my blog is A day in the life of Super Mommy, but this blog is about my hubby who has proven many times that he is Super Daddy. The latest example has been the past couple of weeks. Jo's Papaw was in the hospital and sadly ended up passing away. They needed someone to watch their kiddos several times while she visited him and then to attend his funeral. Strangely, each time they called I was gone somewhere and Bry was home with our kids. This rarely happens. Anyway, he insisted that they bring the kids anyway and he would watch all 5 by himself until I could get home. The first time they came over there ended up being Tornado warnings. Luckily, Jo hadn't left yet so he made a spot for her and the kids in the laundry room. He put down pillows and blankets and set up his laptop with a movie for them. I am amazed at how he handled that. 2 adults, Bay, 4 kids age 4 and under and a newborn all stuffed in a laundry room! When I got home, Jo had left and he still had it all under control. He had everyone in their pjs, sipping their chocolate milk, cuddled up on the couch finishing their movie. He was in the kids rooms cleaning up the toys!
And that was just the first of several times he did that in a 2 week period! But each time he insisted that I stay where I was and that he would handle things until I got home. I am so proud of him and so grateful to have a hubby that loves his kids, nieces and nephews so much!
Ella, Presley, Seth and Luke cuddled up in the laundry room during the storm.
Seth sitting in the train table.
Bay had a bad migraine so Bry put a warm towel on her head.
Presley was telling me what was wrong with Bailey.
Presley decided that she had a headache too and wanted her Daddy to get her a warm towel.
Luke, Ella and Presley playing.
Seth LOVES his Uncle Bryan. He was attached to Bry's side almost the whole time he was here.
Luke and Ella Bella.
My little monkey climbing on her kitchen. That grin is b/c she knows she's not suppose to do that!
Seth was a little too quiet in Presley's room so when I went to check on him this is what I found. He had put every piece of her jewelry on that he could find! It was hilarious! I thought Bubs would like this picture. :)