Saturday, January 31, 2009

Boys night

We survived Luke's first sleepover! Luke's buddy (and cousin) Brandon came over Friday night. It was his first sleepover also! I wasn't sure how it would be but we were very excited and just decided to play it by ear. The boys went right to Luke's room and started playing. They were so cute. I can't believe how big Luke is getting.
After playing with what seemed like every toy in Luke's room, playing hide and go seek in the dark (me, Bry and the girls played too) and watching a little t.v. Bry decided to put them to bed. Amazingly, they did great. We didn't hear from them until the next morning.
After having breakfast and lots more playing, we took them to Stix for lunch. My kids love that place and Brando does too. Next, we decided to let them each "Build-A-Bear". And since we were right next door we just had to stop in for a cookie. :)
Luke had so much fun! He loves his Brando. When it was time to take Brandon home he said "Um Angie, I'm still spending the night with you right?" I said "You already did bud. Don't ya wanna go home?" He said "I'll tell you when I wanna go home!" It was funny but it kind of made me feel good because Brandon is a homebody. The kid loves his home. :)
Anyway, it was really fun for them and actually pretty fun for us too.
Here are a few more pics...
The kiddos outside of Stix.
Luke with his tiger (Tiger Tiger), Brandon and his bear (Beary Bear), Presley and her cat (Ms. Kitty) and Bay with her bear (Blue). The names crack me up!

The boys enjoying their yummy cookies!

Moms can brag. Right?

I have to indulge in a bit of shameless bragging. First, we received a letter informing us that Bailey will have her second poem published this year. She entered a poem entitled "My crazy family". (How appropriate.) We are very excited about that and can't wait to receive our copy of the book. Then, Bailey entered a drawing contest that she found in JabberBlabber magazine. It is a kids magazine that you can find in random places around town. Anyway, the theme had something to do with recycling and she drew a park scene with people putting recylce bins to good use. Unfortunately I didn't get to make a copy of it before she sealed the envelope and sent it off. We had completely forgotten about it until she received a package in the mail the other day. Inside was a JabberBlabber t-shirt and a handwritten note informing her that she had won her age group in the drawing contest. They also mentioned the winners in this month's magazine. She was so excited and so were we!! My talented girl. I am so proud of her!! I can't wait to see what the future holds for my beautiful, smart and creative girl!
Here is a pic of her after she received her letter and t-shirt from JabberBlabber!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I don't get it...

For some reason, my kids feel that they have to join me when I go to the restroom. It never fails. I will wait until they are totally involved in something and then sneak off. I'll shut the door and take a seat...and then I hear "Mommy, where are you?" or they will just come bounding through the door unannounced.
Sometimes they come to tattle, sometimes to ask for help with something, but mostly they just come in and stand there. Why don't I lock the door you ask? Well, because they will hit and kick the door until I come out. Or they will take the locked door as an invitation to do something mischievous.
I know I'm not the only Mommy that goes through this. As a matter of fact, I can remember following my own Mom into the bathroom. I just don't remember why. Maybe they like the fact that I am stuck in one spot, or maybe they are afraid I might fall in?? I'm not sure.
Anyway, I took my camera with me the other day so that I could record the memory. I know one day when they are grown I will get used to going to the bathroom by myself again. I wanted a reminder of how different things are now than they will be then. I'm sure I will appreciate my "alone time" when they get older. But I am also sure there will be days when the bathroom feels a little lonely.

This picture is completely unstaged. I was using the bathroom and they all came in to visit. :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Luke!

So there I was, nearly 5 years ago, married to my best friend, having a blast being Mommy to my beautiful daughter. We had just returned from an awesome Disney vacation and moved into our new home. I finished training to become a yoga instructor and only needed to take the written exam for certification. Life seemed pretty perfect. Sure, we wanted more kids, but had resigned ourselves to the fact that it wasn't going to happen the "natural" way. We visited with an adoption attorney and had started paperwork. Soon after, I went in for my yearly OB appointment. They asked the usual questions, including when my last cycle began. I started to answer, then looked at the calendar and then back at the nurse- she smiled and said "Maybe we should run a pregnancy test, just in case". She walked in a few minutes later and said "Mrs. Ross, you're pregnant." I said the first thing that came to my mind. "SHUT UP!" She laughed and said "I will not, you are pregnant." After telling her to shut up again, I asked her to take another test.
The other test had the same result and roughly 9 months later my tiny boy with a head full of jet black hair came screaming into my life! I was instantly and completely in love. Luke was such a sweet baby. His smile would make you melt and to this day his pitiful cry is enough to break my heart. It didn't take long for my tiny boy with the jet black hair to turn into a chubby little man with a head full of blond curls. And it took even less time for me to learn that raising him would be a lot different than raising Bailey.
He doesn't like to sleep, for fear of missing something. When he gets mad, he makes sure everyone knows it. And mischief is his middle name. There isn't a child lock he can't pick or an obstacle he can't climb in order to get into the trouble he has planned. His little mind never stops!On the other hand, he is charming, loving and kind hearted. He is fiercely protective of his sisters. He gives the best hugs! And I gotta say, the ladies love Luke. Everywhere we go, young and old, girls are drawn to him and they can't keep their hands out of his curly hair.
He is all boy. He loves rough-housing with his Daddy, playing with cars and his tools. But he also loves to look good. He looks forward to going for haircuts with Bry. After Bryan dresses him for church he will strut up to me, strike a pose and say "Uuuuuh-Huuuuuh!", like he knows he looks hot! :)
My sweet Luke, my first and only son, my precious little man- you've taught me patience, to expect the unexpected, because of you I've learned to not sweat the small stuff. You've kept me on my toes and you've worn me out! You make me smile and you warm my heart!
Happy 4Th Birthday Buddy!! I love you so much!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tinker Presley and Captain Luke

On Saturday we had a combined birthday party for Presley and Luke. I let them pick their own theme and somehow, luckily, it matched. Presley picked Tinkerbell and Luke picked pirates (which I translated to Captain Hook). We had their party at home and invited our fam and the kids friends from our small group. We brought in Bailey's old Noah's ark toddler bed and filled it with balls for the kids to play in and decorated the living room in pirate stuff. We turned the breakfast area into "Tink's room" where the kids did a treasure chest craft. We decorated the dining room in both Tink and pirate stuff. Luke's cake was a pirate ship and Presley had a small Tinkerbell cake with flower cupcakes. Presley kept saying "It's beautiful Mommy" and Luke kept hugging us and saying "thanks for my party". They were so excited. I couldn't believe how many people showed up! Our house was filled with Mommies, Daddies, a few babies, a couple of big kids and tons of toddlers! We put little bags filled with gold coins around so the kids could fill their treasure chests. We also made goodie bags with different stuff for the girls and boys. The girls got fairy wands, rings, chocolate coins, etc. and the boys got eye patches, compasses, chocolate coins and things like that. We were all so happy with how it turned out! Presley had so much fun with their friends. They tell everyone we've seen since about their party. :)
Here are a few picks of their special day...
Some of the kiddos working on their treasure chests.
Luke's cake
Presley's cake
The kiddos blowing out their candles.
Some of the kids playing in the boat/ball pit.
Aargh! Luke tried on the pirate gear that came with his cake. He was feeling the eye patch though.

I caught Presley helping herself to another cupcake. She wasn't even ashamed. :)

We got a little carried away with some of the kids party favors, Bre, Bay and Bubs are wearing pirate earrings and jewels, I am wearing a crown and poor Seth just looks worried. I think we may have had too much sugar. :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Sassy!!

Three years ago today I received a gift that I never imagined I would be given. My third child, my second daughter, my baby girl, my Presley. There I was with an 8 week old baby boy, another unexpected miracle in my life. I was overwhelmed with the gifts that God had already blessed me with when I discovered that I was pregnant again.
Presley was such an easy baby. Of course, it was difficult because there were two babies in the house but it was as if she knew that Mommy needed a little help. She only fussed when she needed something. I could lay her down in her bed and she would soothe herself to sleep. When she woke up she would keep herself company until I came to get her. She was so beautiful and girly and sweet. She made us laugh by how her whole body would vibrate and she would kick her little legs when she was happy or excited. Presley took her time learning to walk. At first I was grateful for that because I already had one little munchkin running around getting into everything. But then I started to worry because she was a year old and still showed no interest. I started trying to get her to walk. I would lower her to the floor and she would jerk her feet up and start crying. Eventually I realized that she just didn't want to walk. She realized that being carried was much more fun. That was one of the first signs she showed of her being a little princess.
Many signs soon followed. She found her voice and was not afraid to use it to show her approval or very loud disapproval of things. She wanted to chose her own shoes and if you tried to change them, she would let you have it! She loves to have her hair fixed and then she runs around to show us all and waits for us to tell her how beautiful she is. After I dress her each day she runs back to my mirror and poses and looks at herself from each angle. Sometimes she declares herself a rock star and some days she just says "I beautiful".
She has been nicknamed Sassy and it fits her perfectly. If you gain her disapproval, she will throw her finger up in your face and say "Don't talk to me! The child is not afraid of anything! Animals, the dark, anything! She has the best laugh and the sweetest smile. She keeps us laughing all the time with the things she says and does. She loves to sing and dance. She loves fried rice and chocolate of any kind. She adores her brother and sister but she never hesitates to put them in their place when she feels it necessary. She's very independent and outspoken. She's also very sensitive and loving. I couldn't imagine my life without her.
It's hard for me to believe that she is three years old. I feel like the last three years have been a blur. I wish there was a way to slow it down so I could savor all the hugs and cuddles and baby giggles. These will, after all, be my last. She is my baby. As much as it hurts to feel all of these little moments slipping away, my heart sings every time she learns something new and for every new smile that I get to see.
I love you my Sassy girl. My sweet Presley. Happy Birthday!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The the the....The GRINCH!

So, I had this great idea. I wanted to take my kids to see Grinch Ice in Nashville. I had seen it advertised the last few times we were there and several people told me that I just HAD to take the kids. I asked Bre, Bubs and their fams to go with us. After much planning, scheduling and rescheduling we all met up (some of us 45 minutes late!) and headed to Nashville.
It was kind of funny because the weather was warm enough for short sleeves and we were all covered head to toe in winter wear. Once in line, we were each handed heavy "brilliant blue" calf length coats to put on top of our own "winter wear". As uncomfortable as this was, it didn't take long for us to become grateful for them. Because everything at ICE is made from...well ice, the temperature must be kept between 6-9 degrees. Although, there were a couple of problems with the blue coat situation. One- poor, sweet Seth could not move his arms and we couldn't stop laughing at how funny that looked. Two- all of the kids (ours and others) looked alike so it was very hard to keep up with them.
Check out the pics to see all of the freezing fun!
Seth was feeling a little stiff. :)
Some of the kiddos.
If you look closely you can see that Brandon is about to stick his tongue to the ice. Now that would have been interesting.
When we first got there Presley LOVED it!
It didn't take long for her to realize that cold weather is NOT for her!
Bay and the Grinch.
Jo and BreElla on the ice slide.
Bubs is probably going to kill me for this one, but I couldn't resist! WEEEEEE!
Ella and the Grinch
Bre, Brandon, Austin, Bailey, Luke, Presley and me.
Luke loves the Grinch's dog, Max.

Our silly kiddos. I think the freezing temps affected their brains. :)