Monday, March 22, 2010

The final countdown

That's right. The final countdown has begun. In 5 days we will be moving into my brother's house. I can't even name all of the emotions that I have felt since all of this began. When we moved into this house, I felt like we had found our dream home. I just knew this would be the house that our kids would grow up in and then come back to visit us here. I heard someone say something the other day and it is SO true! They said "We plan. God laughs. Well, I have definitely learned a lot of lessons from this time in our lives. One of the most important ones have been that we need to seek His guidance in all things. I never realized how little I did that. And now I don't want to be anywhere unless God wants me there. I've also learned that time with my family is more important than any amount of money that we can make. That home is not a place, home is wherever my family is. I've learned that I have the best family and extended family in the world. They have come through for me in MAJOR ways. I've also learned major lessons in humility. I've learned that I belong to the best church family that I have ever known or imagined.
There are also a few other things that I have learned about myself...
*I detest packing. I would say that this is the last time I am ever moving but I won't. First, because it may give my brother and Jo a heart attack. And second, because as I mentioned before, I plan on doing what God wants me to do from now on and He may just want me to move 100 more times. I really hope not though!
*I keep WAY too much crap. Do I really need every note and card I've EVER received? It's ridiculous!
*When I get stressed, I get REALLY sleepy. I have to drag myself out of the bed most days. And sometimes, I have to do it 2 or 3 times because I somehow find myself back in bed after I've already dressed and fixed everyone breakfast.
*I am way stronger than I ever realized. When Bry first lost his job I thought it just might break me. But I am surprised every single day by the strength and comfort that God has given me. I just know that we are going to be o.k. no matter where we end up. It's such an awesome feeling. Not to say that I don't get stressed out because I do, it's just easier to deal with when I turn to Him.
I've also learned that I made one of the best decisions when I married Bryan. He makes me so proud every single day. A lot of men would be doing a lot of whining if they had to go from a cushy VP job to driving a truck. Not my hubby. He gets up at 3:30 every day. 3:30 in the morning people! And he works his butt off until dinner time every night. Then he comes home and takes over with the kids so that I can have some down time. And then he stays up after we've all gone to bed searching the Internet for jobs and sending out his resume. He is so dedicated to taking care of his family no matter what he has to do. I really don't know what I would do without him.
So, that's where we are...on the final countdown. I'm sure there will be plenty of interesting and funny stories to come once we move. How could there not be with that many people living in one house. Heaven help us!