Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bama and the Wiggs

My favorite part of football season is having our friends, Zach & Liz, come over to watch a few games with us. This is also the kids favorite part. They adore Zach and Liz!! When I told them that the Wiggs would be joining us, they were all so excited. Presley's response was "I like Zach! Him's soooo cute!"
Last Saturday, Bry grilled up some food and we all settled in to watch Bama do their thing. My kiddos kept me entertained all evening. Luke snuggled himself in next to Liz and did a lot of flirting. He would give me a thumbs up and quickly put it down when Liz would look at him. Presley stayed glued to Zach almost the entire night. The poor guy has the patience of Job. She climbed all over him, put her feet in his face, squished his cheeks, and then decided to give him a scalp massage. She commented to Zach, during his "scalp massage", "You head is like a ball." The girl is a goof! Bailey did a great job of capturing Presley and Zach on film. I cracked up when I saw them!
Liz is pregnant with their first child. I can't help but think how lucky this little man is to be blessed with these two as parents. Liz is so sweet and laid back. She has this child-like quality to her that is so magnetic. I already knew Zach was a great Dad from watching him with his daughter, Sydney. After watching him put up with my crazy girl for over 3 hours while he was TRYING to watch his team play, I'm pretty sure he can handle whatever their little guy can throw at him!