Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day Picnic

Call me crazy but tonight we are heading to Disney World with Bre, Peyton and their 2 oldest boys. I'm sure there will be lots of great pics and funny stories to post when I get back, so stayed tuned for that. :)
This week I have been so busy trying to get everything we need bought and packed that I never got a chance to post pics from our Memorial Day picnic with Dad. We all met at a little park in my neighborhood. Everyone brought their own lunch, the kids dug in the sand, tried to fly kites and just had fun playing and exploring together. It was a very fun, very chill day.
The Goforth's (minus Ella who was with her Honey).
Papaw and Bailey
Bry and Presley
Life with just do the best you can. :)
Papaw and Seth
Bubs, if you were still hungry we would have shared some of our food with you!
Bre attempting to show the kids how to fly the kite.
Brando and Luke making sand angels.

The story behind this picture is just as funny as the picture itself. I noticed Bry and Bubs standing by the creek, scratching their heads. As I walked up, I saw that they had thrown the football down into the creek water. I heard Bubba say "Get Peyton, he'll do it!". (That is a familiar phrase in this family.) Apparently, those two didn't want to get their pretty clothes dirty. :) Well Peyton, being Peyton, couldn't just go down and get the ball. He had to put on a show first. He took off his shoes and started to do a little dance. In the end, it was Austin who got the ball back for all of those "big, strong men"!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bay's Busy Week

Bailey had a very busy week. First, she had Field day. Originally, it was supposed to be held outside but with all the rain and two cancellations they finally decided to hold it in the gym. She was a little disappointed but ended up having fun anyway. Then she had her end of the year party. I think that is her favorite day of the year. They always have the coolest stuff for the kids to play on. This year, they had a huge slide, a rock climbing wall, a cool trampoline thing, water balloons and games. They also had an ice cream truck come out so the kids could pick out their own treats. After that they went inside and had a class party with games and treats. I think her favorite part of the whole day was the rock climbing wall. She didn't think she would be able to do it but she pushed herself and ended up climbing it 3 times. She tried to do the hardest side and got halfway up. The lady told me that one was almost impossible to do without shoes though. I was so proud of her. I have to say, even though she is wearing a harness it was a little nerve wracking seeing my baby up this high!I felt much better once she was back on the ground!

This looked like so much fun! I wanted to try! She got to do flips and stuff too!
Some of the girls enjoying their Popsicles.
Bay and Mrs. Miller. She LOVES Mrs. Miller!

Bay and Ms. Yelverton. She has been very blessed to have such wonderful teachers!
The last class photo for the year!
Bay received some rewards on stage but the pics came out blurry. She was promoted to the 4th grade with an A average. She also received awards for bible memory, reaching her AR goal, having a poem published and she received one from her teacher for her great smile and the gift of laughter.

Ms. Yelverton and the girls. They do this every year. It's one of my favorite mementos from each year!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

What in the world do Mom's do all day??

Ever wonder what a stay at home Mom does all day?? Here's a little recap of my life this past week...
We had 3 doctors visits (Bry, Luke and Me).
A busted eardrum (Luke).
Organizing and pricing my stuff and Bre's for yard sale.
Setting up and breaking down yard sale.
Putting up signs with Bre for yard sale (that's a whole 'nother blog!)
Working my butt off for 2 day's at the garage sale with Bre (and Mom).
Pet Day at Bailey's school. (Bry actually helped me out with that one, thanks honey!)
Field Day (Bay)
15th anniversary date with my hubby (And they said we wouldn't last!!)
Toured a couple of preschools for Luke and possibly Presley.
Preparing and tagging clothes for uniform sale at Bailey's school.
Cut the yard in between all of the monsoons we had this past week!
Search for, buy and wrap a gift for Bay's friends bday party.
Drop and pick Bailey up from her friends party.
And then of course, the normal day to day stuff like dropping off and picking up kids from play dates and school, trips to the bank, pharmacy, etc., cooking meals, making lunches and snacks, grocery shopping, picking up toys, cleaning, washing, folding and putting up laundry, checking homework, bathing kids, dressing kids, drying and "fixing" kids hair, brushing their teeth, giving them their medicine and breathing treatments, playing with kids, picking up toys, wiping bottoms, wiping noses, breaking up fights, kissing boo-boos, putting kids to bed, reading bedtime stories, did I say picking up toys??
What will I do when they are all grown up? Probably sleep. A lot!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pampered and Loved...for a while anyway.

After a fun breakfast with Mom and Bre, I spent the rest of Mother's Day with my beautiful babies and my wonderful hubby. They spent all day making me feel loved and special and pampered. Bry brought home Chili's for lunch so I wouldn't have to make anything.
I got lots of fun gifts. Bry bought me a cute pink Ipod Shuffle with the words "My husband adores me" engraved on the side. Then Bailey gave me a scrapbook that she had made for me filled with pics of her and sweet things she wrote for me. Luke walked in and gave me a purse that I wanted. He put it on his shoulder and walked around demonstrating how I should carry it, which was hilarious! Presley made me a crown in Sunday school that said "Queen for a Day" which I wore all through lunch. Prelsey kept telling me I looked "soooo cute" and like a "pin-pess".
After lunch he got the kids ready and took me to my "happy place", translation: Target. He bought me my favorite Starbuck's treat, a hot chocolate, and then we just walked around the store browsing and having fun together. Next, he drove me to Massage Envy. He bought me a membership for Christmas so I get to go once a month. He had made the appointment for me to make sure that I would go. He dropped me off and he and the kids had ice cream and watched movies in the car while I had my massage.
When we got home I took a very long bath and then relaxed while he gave the kids their baths and then put them to bed. Then we ended the night with Bry and I snuggling on the couch and watching the Celebrity Apprentice finale.
I have to say it was probably the best Mom's Day I've had so far. It was so awesome that they all went out of their way to make me feel special and loved. I know that reality will quickly return, bringing the screams, fighting and temper tantrums with it, but knowing that they appreciate me makes it all worth it somehow.
(Either that or I am still feeling really relaxed and mellow from my massage.)

Mother's Day gift to myself

I spent Mother's Day morning with two of my favorite women in the world. They also happen to be two of the best Mom's I know. I woke up early and met Mom and Bre for our 2nd annual Mother's Day breakfast. As usual with my family it didn't go quite as planned. Mom chose the restaurant. (I won't say which one but it starts with a C and ends with a K's.) Honestly, I wasn't all that thrilled with her choice because I knew that they allowed smoking there but hey, it was Mom's day so I sucked it up and showed up with a smile. As soon as I walked in the door the strong smell of mothballs hit me right upside the face. No one was smoking though so I did my best to ignore the smell and tried for a positive attitude. The waitress took my drink order and then schlepped off to retrieve it for me. After plopping it in front of me she disappeared, never to be heard from again. Seriously, 30 minutes went by and still no one to take our order.
During this time Mom opened her gifts while Bre killed the ants that were crawling all over our table. They were on Bre's side of the table so it didn't bother me that much. The fact that she was sitting half in my lap trying to get away from the ants was a little annoying though. After Mom, got finished opening gifts and we got sick of waiting, we decided to just go to another restaurant. I quickly hopped out of my seat and high-tailed it to the door. I didn't want to be around in case the lady gave Bre attitude about us leaving. :)
We decided to go to Perkins and ended up having a very yummy breakfast and a really good time together. It's very rare that Bre and I get Mom all to ourselves. It's funny, once you start having kids of your own, Mom becomes "Grammy" and you have to take the backseat. I am so grateful that my kids get to spend so much time with her. I love that they have such a great relationship and get to see how awesome she is, but every once in a while, I want her all to myself. :) So, I guess that is the Mother's Day gift I gave to Mom.

Friday, May 8, 2009