Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nicaragua Day 4

On Sunday, we attended church at the same covered pavilion where we had spent the day before. It turned out that it was Mother's Day in Nicaragua, so we got a bonus Mom's Day this year! :) After church, we ate lunch at the guesthouse. We had plans to do a little shopping and then visit the public women's hospital. I had just finished telling Jo how Bay was so excited about going shopping and I was really excited about visiting the women's hospital. I went down to our rooms to get ready. Jo said that right after I left she was told that it wasn't a good idea for Bailey to go with us. The market was not the safest place and the hospital was not much better, b/c of fear of catching something. Jo said she felt sick about telling us. She didn't think that I would leave Bailey and she thought Bay would be really upset about not being able to go shopping. She said that she prayed all the way down the path. When she came in and told us we both held our breath while we waited for Bay's reaction. She said "It's o.k., just bring me something back from the market. " We were so shocked! Number one that she wasn't really sad about not being able to go to the market and two that she would stay at the guesthouse without me. And just as surprising that I would feel comfortable being that far away from her in a foreign country!
Bay stayed with Bubs, Caroline and a couple of the girls in the youth group. We went to the market and I was so glad that she hadn't come with us. It's not like a regular shopping trip. You have to be so careful b/c we were told that it is really easy to be robbed. We had about 30 minutes to shop and then we left for the hospital. We had put together a bunch of layettes for the new mothers from donations that we had brought with us. When we arrived at the hospital, I was shocked at the difference from the hospitals at home. First of all, the appearance was a lot different. There were tiles missing in the floors, screens out on some of the windows. Then I noticed that there were iv bottles on the ground, iv tubes in the trash, there were no hazardous waste boxes that I saw. Then when we got into the rooms, there were about 10-15 women side by side with their newborn babies. Right next door in a tiny room, there were probably 5 or 6 women in labor. No epidurals, no tv/dvd combo and most definitely no air conditioning! There were women in labor in the hallways, just walking around. We have it sooo good here! That night we all went out to dinner at a real restaurant. It was kind of funny though because we looked up and saw these stuffed chickens on shelves around the room. We realized that they were real chickens and that we were quite possibly eating what used to be inside of those chickens! We had a whole room to ourselves and it was a good thing b/c we were so loud! I think we were all just so excited to be in an air conditioned room that it went to our heads. The food was so yummy! And we were all so thrilled because they actually had desserts! We had been saying during the whole trip "Do they not have cake here??" We ate until we were sick! It was another busy but amazing day! I realized how close I was becoming to these women and hard it was going to be to leave this place.

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