Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bragging?? Maybe a little.

For a homework assignment Bailey was asked to write what basically is her story. The teacher asked her to answer a bunch of questions (examples: What does your house look like? Feel like? Sound like? What are your favorite things? Words or Phrases your family uses a lot? Family traditions? Beliefs?) The only requirement was that she start each line with "I am from" or "From". I read it when she was finished and nearly cried. I worry about my kids every day (as most moms do) but especially with all of the changes they've gone through. When I read her story all I could think was how grateful I am that this is how she sees her life. It doesn't look so bad through her eyes. And I guess in the end that's what matters most to me.
P.S. She took the picture below and I had to share it also. My girl is full of talents!!

I Am From

I am from red bricks and a green door

From the smell of dinner cooking

I am from warmth and coziness

From the sound of insanity

I am from notebooks

From nail polish and shoes

I am from Bryan and Angie

From Luke and Presley

I am from going to the movies on Thanksgiving

From pancakes on Christmas morning

I am from sweet dreams

From sissy and amen

I am from a man who died on a cross so we could live with him forever

From sweet tea and chocolate chip pancakes

I am from spaghetti and fried rice.

From going to the mall everyday with Mom

I am from my grandmother’s house every Saturday

I am from heat and humidity

From laughter and going to church

I am from watching movies

I am from shopping and going to my cousin’s house

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Holly Aytes said...

That was wonderful! You have definitely earned bragging rights :)